Invites rank system removal

Why do we have removed the ranks system of InviteLogger ?

Hi everyone ! I'm chaun14#1403 and I'm here for bad news. You've maybe heard plasma has been unverified recently, and will probably not be verified back. They don't know exactly the problem but it seems to be the ranks system which could be against discord TOS. To ensure InviteLogger to remain online, I've decided to remove this system. (Please note private bot instances won't be affected) I know you probably use this bot only for this feature, but it is the only way to keep the bot safe. The bot Invite Tracker has already removed this system. This system is considered against discord terms (mostly in a grey zone) because it is known as non-organic server growth generator. (more informations on discord developers messages screenshots at the bottom of the page) Sorry for the disconvenience.

chaun14 and InviteLogger's team.

The invite rank system will be slowly removed from the bot in two update. - The first one will disable the /addrank command and will add deprecation message (done) - The second one, a month later will completely disable this feature (on Discord Developpers)

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