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💨 Invites

Informations about invite related commands
Here is the invites related command list:
Here is the invites command list:
Shows your invite count
/invites [user: @user]
Shows the invites leaderboard the server.
/leaderboard [mode: full] [page: number]
Show joins & invited users & bonuses invites of an user
/info [mode: Global | Members | Bonus Invites] [user:@user][page: number]
Shows members joins and leaves charts
/graph [period:number of day since now][focus:number of day per point]
Add bonus invites to a member.
/addInvites <member: @user> <bonusesamount: number of invites to give> [reason: Why did you gave them]
Remove bonus invites from a member.
/addInvites <member: @user> <bonusesamount: number of invites to remove> [reason: Why did you remove them]
Clear invites count of someone / a role / everyone
/resetInvites all /resetInvites user <member: @member>
Restore the reseted invites history of the server for a member / everyone
/restoreinvites all /restoreinvites user <member: @member>
Create a non expiring invite through the bot in a given channel
/createInvite [channel: #yourchannel] [target_user: @user]