Associate a source with an invite code

You need to know from which of your links members are coming?

The source system is made for you !

This feature allows to link invite codes to an human friendly name, for better traffic understanding

List existing sources

You can list existing sources with the /sources list command

Show sources graph

⚡ NEW: You can now access to a nice source chart

You can get an overview of your sources with the /sources stats command

Setup sources

Example: You need to post your server invite link on your twitter bio and you want to know who comes from this link.

You need to create an unique invite code for each sources.

1- Create your source

Firstly you have to create an invite link which will be dedicated to this source.

Then run the /sources add <name:SourceNameHere> <code:inviteCodeHere> <give-role: yes | no> [description:Description of the source]

If you've chosen to give a role, please ensure the bot has correct permissions to manage roles and its own role is higher than the role to give

2- Setup the source in your join message

Edit your join message to add the {sourceMessage} placeholder which will be replaced by the source message

3- (optional) Edit the sourceMessage

To edit the default sourceMessage, you can use the /sources setMessage and click on the pen.

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