How to get invitelogger gold
How to get the next level of invitelogger?


You can subscribe to an InviteLogger gold subscription on our store:
Once subscribed you will be able to put your server id on the gold dashboard. Once done, you have to run the /purgeCache command on your server. You can use the /premium command to check if the premium has been enabled correctly.
If you are experiencing any issue of if you have a question feel free to contact us through our support server.


Another way to get inviteLogger gold is by boosting our support server.
The gold remains active while you're boosting
Once boosted, login on the gold dashboard and you should see something like this, make sure to wait a few minutes if you the service isn't created:
Then click on the 👁️ button to manage your service.
Paste your server id then save by clicking the add button.
You can get your server id by running the /serverid command in the server
Once added, just run the /purgeCache command to make sure to refresh the premium status. You can now test to run the /premium command to check the premium status
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