Setup your private bot instance

You've bought your private bot instance on our store ? It's time to setup your order.

1 - Create your discord bot

Before creating your own bot instance, make sure the bot will be created on a "safe" account. If your discord account is deleted, the bot will be deleted too.

To create a discord bot you need to login on the discord dev portal:

And click on the create application button

Put your bot name (Please don't use a public invite bot name / profile pic) and click on the create button.

Once created you will see something like this: Copy the Application id and send it to chaun14.

Once the application created, you need to create a bot inside your application.

Put your bot name and eventually a profile pic

And tick the three intents at the bottom of the page to make sure the bot works. āœ… Presence intent āœ… Server members āœ… Message

Once everything is done, scroll up and copy the token, then send it to chaun14.

2 - Customize your bot instance.

The bot itself is now ready to be started, we just need more informations about customization.

A - Embed color

Go to this page: and choose an embed color (should be related to your server brandings)

Once the color is selected, copy the HEX code. (i.e #4287f5) then send it to chaun14.

B - Bot activity / status message

Each bot has a status / activity. It represent your bot identity and is a great advantage for your server.

You need to provide a status message for your bot, it could be your server name, a domain name, a private joke...

The bot is in a streaming state by default, it's possible to request something else. Once choose, send it to chaun14.

Please note the | tag for help | s0 at the end of the status message can't be edited

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