What is inviteLogger gold?

InviteLogger gold, InviteLogger's premium subscription.
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​InviteLogger gold is the name of our premium subscription, It enables some cool features to help you dealing with invites like: - The source system - Complete list of invited members & joins from an user through the /info command - The /createInvites command can create an invite for any members - The smartLeaderboard, an auto refreshing leaderboard - Periodic leaderboard to see how inviters performed during the last days - Unlimited member and roles blacklist from the leaderboard - Unlock the /whoused comman​d to see all the joins from a specific invite link - Access more useful fake parameters - Add your personal message at the bottom of the /invites command
You can subscribe to InviteLogger gold through the gold panel or directly through our store:
The /premium command
Please not the gold is not a separate premium bot. It is just some features unlocked inside the main InviteLogger bot. If you want a separate and customizable InviteLogger bot, please consider subscribing to a private bot instance which has Gold included.