What's new on InviteLogger ?

# 24-02-23

  • Added the really requested /createInvite command
  • Leaderboard is now customizable with the /leaderboardConfig command
  • Leaderboards and /invite command may show your current rank on the leaderboard in some cases
  • Implemented Double Counter verification system as fake parameter for better alt protection. More informations here​
  • Massive rewrite of internal invite handling to improve bot performances at peak hour
  • Updated /info command by adding a premium bar chart of invited members & joins and invite full list paywalling. More informations here​
  • Added an useless placeholder to replace the /setMessage command not yet done
  • Added romanian
  • Added a go back to server list button because it was pain
  • Added Double Counter integration management
  • Added commands behaviour settings
  • Added leaderboard behaviour settings in a new leaderboard category

# 28-11-22

  • Added the really requested blacklist system, which allows to hide members / members with a role from the leaderboard, configurable behind the /blacklist slash command (up to 5 members with free plan). More informations here​
  • Implemented Miki integration (dashboard setup only) which allow to give experience on Miki bot when inviting someone. More informations here​
  • Most of the placeholders have been renamed (with backward compatibility ofc) to make them more clear to understand without digging into the docs
  • The source system is now back to live with the /sources slash command, allowing to link an invite code with a source for better traffic understanding. A nice chart has been setup to show where are your members coming from. More informations here​
  • Added a new fake parameter: Require a role. This parameter allows counting someone's join as valid only after they are given a specific role, for example a role linked to a verification system
  • Bug fixes & new bugs added like always
  • The smarleaderboard now follows blacklist & advancedconfig rules because it is finally nice and tamed
  • Added the integrations tab to configure Miki integration

# 08-30-22

  • Added the new fake invites system, configurable using /fakeConfig command. the /setfakethreshold command is now disabled.
  • Fake reason is now shown on the /info command for better understanding - Added User invites user command, which allow to check someone invites directly from its profile (right click -> apps -> user invites)
  • Added /classicMigrate command to restore your data from @InviteLogger classic
  • Disabled /setprefix and all prefixed commands (using bot mention as prefix still works) - Added some time related placeholders using new discord time tag
  • Added /help slash command
  • (Private bot instances only): Migrated rank system to slash commands (/rankconfig, /ranks, /addrank, removerank, /refreshranks), added rank announcement messages (configurable with /rankconfig command), and fixed some old refresh failing issues
  • The smartLeaderboard has now a check invite button on its bottom to allow faster invite check & no more command spam Fixed a bug where smartLeaderboard was disabling by itself for no reason
  • Added /whoUsed premium command to check who joined from a specific invite code
  • Fixed a permission override related bug where all override of commands with a cap in name wasn't working
  • Improved slash command error handler because it's good to know why it fails sometimes
  • I am now gathering some cool request stats for faster discord issue & ratelimits investigations
  • Most of translations has been upgraded thanks to our @🔍 | Translators
Dashboard: The dashboard has been completely recoded thanks to @Gauthier