Unable to tell who invited ?

You are stuggling with the bot unable to figure out who invited whom?

You have setup invite tracking logs and sometimes, or even on each joins the bot send this horrible message: ''I am unable to tell you who invited memberName. Maybe a temporary invite."

This message can have a multitude of reasons, we'll try to list most common ones here.

Configurations problems

  • Make sure the InviteLogger role has manage server permission in your server (this permission is needed for the bot to access to the invite list)

  • Make sure the bot can manage every channels (otherwise the bot won't get the invite create event and miss some invites)

Invalid invites

  • The bot is unable to track members which are joining using an 'about to be deleted' invite. (i.e a single use invite will be deleted after being used, or an invite with 6/7 uses too)

  • The bot is unable to track oauth2 related joins

Problems on bot side

  • The bot has just started, so its invite cache is empty, it should be filled after another join, or by using the /purgeCache command

  • Bot is ratelimited on this endpoint, should be resolved after a few minutes

  • Bot is experiencing lag which delays and fails invite tracking, should be resolved after a few minutes too

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