👑 Premium

Informations about premium commands
Here is the premium commands list:
Check if a gold subscription (=premium) is enabled on the server
Manage the smartLeaderboard feature: an auto refreshing and pinned leaderboard
/smartLeaderboard send /smartLeaderboard list /smartLeaderboard delete <smartleaderboardid: id found on the list subcommand>
Manage the sources feature: Link invite codes to audience sources
/sources list /sources stats <period: pick a period> /sources add <name:name of the source> <code: invite code here> <give-role: yes|no> [description: Explaination of the source] /sources remove <code:Invite code of the source to remove> /sources setmessage <message:new source message here>
Get the list of members invited through a specific invite code
/whoused <code: invitecode>