Migrate from the classic
You want to use our new bot with less bugs and latest features ? But you're still using the classic? This tutorial is made for you !
This tutorial will only restore the invite amount as bonus invites, not the full tracking data..
Please note this part in in beta stage and can malfunction
For technical reason, only member with 5 invites or more will be restored.

1 | Export InviteLogger classic invites

You need to have InviteLogger classic on your server
To export your leaderboard invites, run the `!export leaderboard` command. You will received a csv file with your members data inside.
The export can take a long time, be patient.
Once finished you will have a file like this
Download it on your computer / phone

2 | Import invites on InviteLogger

You need to have the new Invitelogger on your server
To import invites on the new bot, just upload the previously downloaded file with the /importInvites command
Click on upload and after a short time, the bot should send a validation message;
The result: