Setup Invite Tracking

A) Using the dashboard

Firstly you need to go on this page and Authorize the bot to access to your discord profile
Then select your server in the list:
For this example I'll select inviteLogger support
You can't see your server in the list? Just click on your avatar at the top-right and click on the red logout button. Then restart this tiny tutorial. If it doesn't fix the problem please ensure you have administrator permissions on your server.
Once you've clicked, edit the settings to match with what you need and click on the invite section.
You should see something like that:
To enable invite logging in channels, tick the two switch on the right top of the frame
And below select channels where you want the join/leave messages to be sent
It is done 🎉
If the logging message isn't sent, check the ability for the bot to send message in invite tracking channels

B) Using commands

To setup the invite tracking, you can use the /setLogs command
For join messages:
For leave messages:
It is not possible actually to edit messages using commands. Please use the dashboard if you need that.