What is a fake invite ?
How does InviteLogger tells that an invite is valid or fake ?
Please note that this definition of fake invite might change between bots
If you're an experimented or well advised InviteLogger user, you've probably seen that sometimes the bot consider invites as fake.
Fakes invites in the /invites command

What is a fake invite ?

Please note that the current system is not the best and might change or being improved at any time. Join our support server to get updated about bot updates.
A fake invite, also known as invalid invite is generated everytime a young discord account joins your server. By default the fake setting is set to a 7 days threshold. It means that a discord account must be older than 7 days for the join to be counted as valid.
Another kind of invite is considered as fake is self invites. That kind of invalid invite is made when someone has used their own link to the server to gain an invite without inviting someone else.

How to configure the fake system ?

The minimal account age for a join to to be valid can be changed using the /setfakethreshold command.
Account older than 3 days will now be counted as valid
Please note that settings change will only affect future joins. Currently fake invites will remain as they are.

The future of the fake system ?

We are currently thinking about a ways to improve that system (i.e Captcha, Role validation, Api request...). Feel free to discuss your needs and suggestion with our team on our discord server, member advices are always welcome and are making the bot better.