🌀 Config

Informations about configuration commands

Here is the config command list:





Set channels for the join and leave messages.

/setlogs <type: join | leave >


Configure how invites are counted as fake



Change the bot's language.



Blacklist members/roles from the leaderboard

/blacklist list /blacklist add-member <user:@usertoblacklist> [reason:Why is this user blacklisted] /blacklist add-role [reason:Why is this role blacklisted] /blacklist remove <id:User or Role id to unblacklist>


Configure InviteLogger advanced features

/advancedConfig menu /advancedConfig edit-bottom-invite-message <message:New message here>


Allow or block a certain user or role to access a command.

/setPermissions <user: @user> /setPermissions <role: @role>


Configure advanced configurations



Block commands in a channel

/disableChannel add [channel: #channel]

/disableChannel list

/disableChannel remove [channel: #channel]

/disableChannel removebyid [channelid: yourchannelid]


Configure the style of your leaderboard

/leaderboardConfig [customized: custom leaderboard style here]

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